Yvonne Veivers

Education: Bachelor of Business (majoring in Marketing)

Artistic Background: Involved with events in Latin Community for almost 20 years.

Held Hawkesbury Latin Fiesta at the Hawkesbury Race Club in March 2013.

Held Fundraising event for Munoz family Bexley October 2013.

Assisted with the Teleton fundraising events for Chilean Community 3 times per year until 2018.

Held Large Cuban Cultural and fundraising Event “April Sun in Cuba” – April 2018 at Uruguayan Club Sydney

Held Cuban Cultural Event November 2018 at Uruguayan Club, Sydney.

From September 2019 to present, monthly Cuban film, food and music nights at Marrickville NSW.

Strengths:  Whilst I am not a qualified musician, my talent is in creating concepts, visualising an event and interpreting that vision on to the stage. I have ventured further into writing songs and musicals with inspiration from my love of Cuban history and music. I have excellent organisational skills with motivation and determination to complete a task no matter what the obstacles.

My almost 20 years in the Latin Community has seen my artistic nature develop and also my social conscience awaken. Hence my interest in the Che – Musical Cantata project and the Kuban Firez – Save the Planet Tour project for this year in Australia and next year in Europe.

Meeting Richard Ortega and Fernando Coloma has been a life changing experience for me. I have been inspired to go all out to achieve my ambitions. They are truly the most amazing people.