Yosney Linares

I was born on October 14, 1984 in Artemisa, a municipality that formerly belonged to the Province of Pinar del Río. Cuba
My beginning in the art world did not begin precisely with music. At 8 years old I had a lot of interest in plastic, I really liked drawing and sketching. Since then I had as a second task of the day, Plastic Arts classes every afternoon after leaving school. Until one day my father proposed to me to study music, something that sincerely did not attract my attention, nor did I have a preference for any of the instruments at that age.
Normally children always want to follow the trajectory of our parents, so at the age of 9 I began to study before everything “solfeo” It all started with my father Francisco Linares, musician with band studies and conservatories. The first methods I read for music theory were Hilarión Slava, all the parts and some methods of music theory my father studied, written by the teacher Norman Milanés Moreno.
My father, seeing that he had conditions for music, proposed to me to play the flute that was the first instrument I chose. I started with a piccolo, and I spent very little time practicing the breathing technique, the tudel and the basics, without neglecting the music theory.
A real interest in music began to wake me up, and my
parents decided to take me to the entrance exams at the Vocational School
of Art, Juan Pablo Duarte, in Güira de Melena. Province of La Habana. Where children from all over Havana Province were presented.
For a bit of fatality, when I went to the entrance exams in the E.V.A, among the instruments to choose was not the specialty of Flute, which is why I had to decide on another instrument, and it was then that I chose Percussion.
The results of the exams were satisfactory, and from that moment my father was in charge of directing me in the world of percussion by going to several veteran friends of our Artemis town. One good day, a good musician from the town “Richard Ortega” came to my house and proposed to go to test me as a drummer for an orchestra called Double Impact in Havana, where I could be a member for a short time because I was 15 years old, I had no working age until 18 years, and for this reason I could not continue in the orchestra. A short time later, an orchestra of Pinareño origin called “Meridance” arrived in my town, where they proposed to me to be a drummer as well, and here if I had a good time developing on the drums and knowing new points of music that are learned with everyday life, with The advice of more experienced musicians.
With this group of Cuban popular music I went to work at the
Matanzas province, to the hotels of the tourist area in Varadero, and soon after being there and meeting other musicians, one day by chance in one of the moments of rest and download as we say the musicians, I dared to take the bass electric and play something I had learned in the student stage, and a friend when he saw me told me that he had conditions for bass, that I was the musician I was looking for for another of the orchestras that were in the Matanzas region … I I said smiling, you will be laughing at me, because I am not a bassist and I dare not assume that responsibility. I toured almost all the provinces of the Island, and also for a long period we were the accompanying orchestra of the Cabaret “Tropicana” of Matanzas. Even as a member of the orchestra, the idea of ​​traveling to Spain where I currently reside came up, and then I decided to go back to my hometown to be with my family, and there in my town while waiting for the moment to leave for Spain, we formed a group Folkloric called “Obbanileke”, with the participation of the percussionist musicians of my town, and among all, contributing ideas, watching many videos of Giovanni Hidalgo, of Jose Luis Quintana, we made like a salad of percussion blocks and we gave him a structure quite similar to that percussion group of which I was part of the EVA It was like moving everything to the neighborhood, and simultaneously I resumed the batá drum, playing at the religious festivals where the Batá are traditionally used.

Now I am honoured and very happy to play with Richard in Kuban Firez.