Raciel Torres

“When Raciel J. Torres surrenders behind the drums. His intention is to create a wider musical experience so that each listener can get an idea of ​​the musical moment.” – Nadia Herrade Hidalgo, journalist.

Biography: Raciel J. Torres, award-winning drummer, composer and percussion teacher from Cuba, is one of the most versatile drummers of his generation.

Growing up in Havana, now a resident of Oslo, he won the prestigious Havana Drum Festival and the Jojazz International Festival in the hometown. As a result, Raciel has played and travelled the world with world-class musicians from Cuba such as lvan Mazuze, Haakon Graf, Roberto Fonseca, César López, Yassek Mazano, Orlando Sánchez Cubajazz, Alexis Bosch, Bobby Cárcaces, Alejandro Vargas Trio and many more.

Before coming to Norway, he lived and toured in Spain with the project Download ao vivo, a collaborative project between Cuba and Galizia that resulted in the recording of CDs, DVDs and tours in the respective countries.

For the past 10 years he has resided in Oslo, where he also had the honor of playing with talented Norwegian musicians such as Ivar Antonsen, Frode Nymo, Stig Hvalryg, Sverre Indris Joner and Electrocutango, Sergio Gonzales, Helge Lien and award-winning saxophonist Ivan Mazuze.

Raciel also had a Latin jazz master class at the Norwegian Academy of Music along with piano legend Ivar Antonsen.

Raciel also writes and arranges music for Norwegian Music Publishers and diverse and great Music bands. His current bands are; Urban Gardening Ivan Mazuze Quintet, The Latin Syndicate DR, Magela Herrera Quartet, Cuban Fire and The Cuban Funk Machine. The last band has been nominated for the Danish Music Award in two categories, jazz and world music.

We are honoured to have Raciel perform with us as a Kuban Fire