Marcos Ortega Blain

Welcoming Marcos Ortega with More than 40 years of experience playing trumpet.

 His music studies began at the age of 12 at the Provincial School of Art in Pinar del Río. Continue my studies at the Ignacio Cervantes Professional School in the city of Habana.

  In 1976, he started his professional career with the Gloria de Cuba group in Pinar del Río.  He has played professional trumpet with different groups such as Cuba Son, Cristal and Habana, All of Artemisa Province. He performed as director also in the same locality with Ofun Nike and Sandunga Tropical groups. 

He was the first solo trumpet of the National Band of the General Staff of the Cuban Navy and served as a trumpet in other orchestras such as Iyá, La Calle, Event, L. M Sobredosis.

In 1989 he had the opportunity to play Trumpet with the great Trombonist Juan Pablo Torres for 5 years.

In 1999 he had the opportunity to travel to Mexico with the LM Overdose group and the Cuban Television Ballet.

Today he resides in the US in the city of El Paso, Texas. He has not stopped playing and continues to participate in different projects such as Habana Twins, LM Overdose, Caribean Sound, Tropicalisimo Apache and others.

He has participated in important events such as Festivals and activities in nightclubs and the 2017 Jazz Festival in Telluride, Colorado. He has had the opportunity to share with renowned musicians of National and International stature.

Now he has the opportunity to be one of the Kuban Firez and to play with his Son Richard in his band.