Luis Medina Capote

Luisón; the percussionist, singer and composer has been playing and singing for the audience from the extreme north to the deepest south for over 25 years. He has played with his own band at jazz festivals such as Molde Jazz, Night Jazz, Oslo Jazz Festival, Mela, Nordlysfestivalen etc. in addition to taking private assignments for agencies etc.

In addition, he has toured just as long and is active with various programs for the National Concerts / Cultural Tank, like the ongoing programs “Luison and Cuba” and “The Musical Rainbow” for the slightly younger ones.

Luisón Y Cuba
The band Luison and Cuba is a salsa band mainly inspired by Cuban music. There Luisón has gathered a bunch of the best Latin musicians living in Scandinavia. This charismatic group provides high temperature and musical level. The crew has combined experience from a large international register of Latin bands on the top shelf within the genre. The lineup varies according to the size of the assignment from the basic crew of four musicians to a larger orchestra.

Richard regularly performs with Luis in his band and Luis is of course, performing with Richard’s band, Kuban Firez – promoting “Save the Planet”.