Juan Carlos Allende

Juan Carlos Allende hails from Cuba, where he completed his education as percussion instrumentalist and teacher at the Cuban Institute of Higher Education for the Arts. His career spans more than 30 years and four continents, excelling in performing many instruments from cultures around the world and genres that include classical music and popular traditional rhythms just to mention some. Professor Allende has taught in conservatories around the world and has lead workshops of AfroCuban music, one of his specialties, at the international level. He has, and continues to tour internationally with many renowned artists and bands. He’s settled in The Netherlands where he leads SonSiboney, a group that performs traditional Cuban music, and imparts lessons at Elele Music School. To stay abreast of his work and for additional information you can visit Cuba Percussie: https://www.facebook.com/Cuba-Percussie-1527600764175260