Biu Marquetti

Biunaiqui Marquetti Isasi (BIU MARQUETTI) as everyone knows her artistically, was born in Havana-Cuba. Even at a young age she already had a passion for music. At four years, she participated in the “International Festival of Youth and the Students ”in a giant choreography, along with many children. In her primary and secondary years, she participated in singing and dancing festivals, studied two years of acting in the Culture House of her town and she grew in that era of “Music and Art”. Though a graduate of “Bachelor of Science and Literature, she decided to take another course and devote herself to art.

At the age of 19 she showed up for a casting to sing, in a female group called “Ricacha” where once accepted, she began her professional life in music. SELF-TEACHED BY NATURE – she did not attend music schools – she embarked on her way to the future – being part of other female groups such as “The Girls of Taste”. In 1996 she travelled to a festival in Spain, sharing stages with the “Van Van”. In 1998, she recorded his first album called “Hurricane of the Caribbean” with the orchestra of same name and made international tours to Mexico, Canary Islands, Italy and Spain. Then in 2001, she was a member of the “Piel Morena” orchestra that gave her the opportunity to work in Mexico for 1 year with the cast of dancers and musicians from Tropicana.

In 2003, she became a soloist in one of the best orchestras in Cuba, called “AZUCAR NEGRA”, performing as a singer and making herself known throughout the country. In that same year she recorded his first album with this group, touring
nationally and internationally, where she had the possibility in 2004 to participate in important events such as the “Jazz Festival in Montreal, Canada.

In addition to touring throughout that country, she toured Jamaica, Saint Lucia and the French Islands, where she had the honor of singing next to Julio Iglesias, Boyz II Men and Nora Jhons. In 2005, she recorded his second album and made a 4-month international tour to European countries: Germany, Italy, England, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Norway, Finland, Holland and Belgium where she participated in one of the greatest Europeaj Festivals called “Polé Polé Beach” among other events. In December-January she decided to make her last international tour with “Azúcar Negra” to Russia to promote the album.

Proud to take Cuban music all over the world – in March 2006, she was called for an international project in Romania – a new experience in her professional career- and became part of the “Mandinga” orchestra, one of the most popular groups in that country. She participated in the “Flamingo International Festival” in Poland, recorded an album and 2 video clips with that group, earning the love and respect of the Romanian public and musicians.

In 2007, she was chosen to be awarded the prize of the best international artist to Sean Paul and at the end of the same year, she made the decision to start her solo career in Romania and to have her music sent directly from Cuba and the Caribbean.

In 2008, she created her own orchestra, along with Latin instrumentalists, becoming one of the most popular artists in the country, participating with her music in all kinds of cultural events, festivals, concerts in large squares, etc.

In 2010 she collaborated for a period of 3 months as an interlocutor in a radio program (Radio 3net- Florin Pitis) and continued her presentations on Romanian television. For a period of 3 years (2011-2014) she collaborated with her group with 2 of the largest hotels in Bucharest (Radisson Blu and Phenicia) and from 2015 to date is hired by
“El Torito” most popular Mexican restaurant in the region.

Promoting her music and cultivating achievements in 2017 she was called to participate for 5 months in one of the most televised programs in the country (Your face sounds to me) winning 3rd place and the respect of the entire Romanian public. In that same year she was invited to sing in one of the biggest theaters with the popular singer Omara Portuondo.

In mid-2018, in collaboration with other Romanian artists, she released 2 video clips, having a great acceptance. In September 2018-2019 for a period of one year she became part of a television cast called (Vulturii de noapte) in KANAL D.

Thanks to her music, talent and charisma today in Romania (Biu Marquetti) she is a popular singer, respected and very loved by all, proud to be Cuban and to defend her roots until the end, bearing the emblem “Music is the paradise of life”.