Alex Herran

Alex Herran, Colombian Trombonist

Alex Herran (Born 8 January 1980) Is a Classical & Salsa Trombonist from Colombia. Having performed since age twelve. By age fifteen he was playing in several local bands in his hometown Armenia-Quindio. Alex studied music at the conservatorium of music of ‘Bellas Artes’ in Armenia & following to that he joined the 70-piece Symphonic Orchestra of Quindío ‘Batuta’ where he was a lead trombone player for 5 years playing classical & Colombian traditional music. Alex is an experimented musician and passionate for his instrument, while he was in Colombia he joined some important Latin Salsa Bands such 6.5 Scala Orchestra, Complot Orchestra & Esencia Latina Orchestra, and by the age of twenty he joined the most important musical associations from Quindío, ‘The Symphonic Orchestra of Quindío’ A well-known 60 piece Brass Band from the Colombian government, where best musicians are part of, Alex was playing in this organization until 2003 before he travelled to Australia. In 2004 Alex came to Sydney Australia where he met important bands and musicians that introduced him very quickly to the music scene in Sydney. His first band in 2004 was ‘Club Havana Band’ where he played for one year and then he joined the well-known Latin Band ‘Sonora Galaxia’ for a term of 5 years. Alex then had an invitation to joined ‘Latin Addiction Orchestra’ where he was at some point musical director and lead musician from 2010 to 2016. Alex is a well know musician in Sydney Australia which has giving him the opportunity to be part of important musical projects from Puerto Rico, accompanied singers such Andy Montañez & Maelo Ruiz. Since 2018 to present Alex is part of the most important multi award winning party band ‘Salsa Kingz’ a very well-respected Band passionately performing their contagious rhythms around Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.