Adrian Medina

Adrian Medina

Education     Bachelor in Modern and Contemporary Dance 1995-1997

                       Narciso Medina Dance School         Havana, Cuba

                      Bachelor in Popular and Folkloric (Afro-Cuban) Dance 1995-1997

                       Narciso Medina Dance School      Havana, Cuba

                     Bachelor in Musical and Dance Show Performance    1997-1998

                     Tropicana Musical and Dance Show School   Havana, Cuba

 Dancer at Narciso Medina Dance Company    Havana, Cuba

“Narciso Medina is one of the most relevant dancer-choreographer in the Contemporary and Modern dance world in Cuba and the world. Maestro of Maestros, as he is called around the world by many Cuban dancers/ choreographers, Narciso Medina played a key role in all my development and training as a professional dancer and educator. 

Dancer at Tropicana Dance Company               Havana, Cuba

“Tropicana it is one of the oldest, most traditional and famous cabaret-shows in the world and it is the number one musical and variety show in Cuba. Its international caliber and quality it is compared with cabaret shows as famous as Moulin Rouge and Lido in Paris. Tropicana has more than 70 Years of national and international recognition and its company has performed in more than 25 countries worldwide. Tropicana, is the face of Cuba regarding Musical Magazines.

“Havana Night”   Musical and Dance Show Company   Havana, Cuba

As one of the principal dancers “Havana Night’s became in 2000 in one of the top five Musical and Dance Shows touring the world, performing full houses and receiving overwhelming response to our performances in more than 15 countries worldwide. It became Cuba’s most successful international Musical Magazine Dance company. success that took the company to work with  artists such as Maurice Haynes, artistic director and choreographer of countless Vegas and Broadway productions , and ex-Michael Jackson choreographer (Remember the Time). The company has  been performing in Vegas since 2004  and became at one stage the second biggest show in Las Vegas after Cirque de Soleil. 

Just Some of his work over the last 20 years.

Special performance with Spanish famous actor/singer Norma Duval Havana, Cuba

Special performance and fashion show with top models Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss Havana, Cuba

 Special performance and fashion show with designer Yunko Koshino

Special performance with Tropicana dance Company at the Royal Albert Hall, London 1998

South Australia Male Model of the Year 2003

Australian Male Model of the Year

Manhunt International Male Model of the Year, Shanghai China 2003 (Best Talent Winner, Best Photography Model Winner, 3rd runner up

Lecturer for the Centre of Performing Arts, South Australia 4years 

Member of the South Australia Dance Council

Lecturer for the Sheila Dance College, South Australia

Lecturer for the Dance Craft Dance college, South Australia

Lecturer for the Mighty Good Talent Dance College, South Australia

Dance workshops Expressions Dance Company

Dance workshops Leigh Warren and Dancer

Dancer at Australian Dance Theatre 

Dancer at Australian Ballet

Dance/Actor at Opera Australia 

Dance tutor for Bangarra Dance Theatre 

Dance tutor/lecturer and pioneer in the development of the Latin Dance Community in Australia and New Zealand

Awarded with Distinguish Talent Visa (Performing Arts) in 2003 by the Government of Australia and supported by the South Australian (Adelaide) Council for all the work done with the community and the industry.

This is the only visa known that has been awarded to a dancer.